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Saying goodbye to Marvel Phase 4 – the MCU’s weirdest, wildest, and most inconsistent Phase yet

Games Radar 26 Nov 2022
Instead of larger-than-life superheroes doing battle on green screen-heavy landscapes, Marvel frequently approached things differently. That allowed the likes of Moon Knight – a quieter exploration on mental health – and the meta-heavy She-Hulk to thrive ... Rushed CGI has ...

Hugh Jackman, 54, Needs Intense Training To Be Fit Enough As Wolverine In 'Deadpool 3'

Inquisitr 11 Nov 2022
Veteran Australian actor Hugh Jackman has enjoyed a successful career spanning nearly three decades. During that time, he has featured in several box office hits ... Inside Hugh's Wolverine Role ... Wolverine ... There Might Be CGI Enhancement For Hugh's Character ... As a result, there are reports that Hugh's return might cost Marvel some heavy CGI.

How movie ticket prices and sales have fluctuated over time

Beatrice Daily Sun 10 Nov 2022
How movie ticket prices and sales have fluctuated over time. Movie ticket prices through the years ... "Avengers ... It was also a time when the industry began to lean into more advanced CGI effects ... One major exception was "Avatar" (2009)—the highest-grossing film of all time and one that exemplifies this era's heavy reliance on increasingly innovative CGI.

The 14 Best Sci-Fi Movies Streaming On Hulu Right Now

Gamespot 02 Nov 2022
The 14 Best Sci-Fi Movies Streaming On Hulu Right Now. Hulu is the fifth most popular streaming service behind Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max ... Sign up for Hulu. Hulu offers a 30-day free trial. See at Hulu. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... This French action movie isn't remarkable for its plot, but for the parkour-heavy stunts, which were done without wires or CGI ... .

Avatar: The Way of Water Reportedly Clocks in at Over 3 Hours

NDTV 31 Oct 2022
Avatar. The Way of Water reportedly clocks in at 3 hours and 10 minutes. As per The Hollywood Reporter, the CGI-heavy sequel to James Cameron's Avatar has a lengthy runtime, albeit not as much as... .

Why James Gunn Is the Best News the DCEU Could Have Asked For

IGN Insider 27 Oct 2022
Lately, it’s felt like there’s been nothing but bad news coming out of DC’s movies and TV shows. The Batgirl movie has been canceled and thrown into a vault ... It’s a tough job to find a balance between fleshing out these characters and making room for those obligatory, CGI-heavy battle scenes, all while keeping the studio bean counters happy ... Thor ... .

‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Team on Jennifer’s Identity Crisis, Breaking the Fourth Wall & More

The Bradford Era 06 Aug 2022
Talk about trying to find the right work/life balance! In the latest Disney+ Marvel series, She-Hulk. Attorney at Law (premiering August 18), Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) has one doozy of a dilemma in that regard ... See Also'She-Hulk ... Maslany shared that the tech used — it’s a CGI-heavy series — “actually informs the character” in a way ... She-Hulk.

Netflix’s Mesmerizing Sandman Adaptation Is Well Worth the Decades-Long Wait

Time 05 Aug 2022
Finally, The Sandman arrives on screen ... First it was supposed to be a movie. Then it languished in development hell, as Hollywood kept adapting other Gaiman works ... It’s theoretically easier than ever to make a CGI-heavy genre show look good, but that hasn’t stopped studios as deep-pocketed as Marvel from repeatedly failing to do so ... .

She-Hulk: Tatiana Maslany & Creative Team Defend Marvel VFX Artists

Collider 03 Aug 2022
Marvel Studios has recently come in for heavy criticism in recent times concerning its CGI ... ....

AMC looking to reboot ‘Max Headroom’ with original star Max Frewer

NME 30 Jul 2022
AMC is reportedly looking to reboot Max Headroom, with original star Max Frewer set to reprise his role as “the first computer-generated TV presenter... 20 Minutes Into The Future, Headroom was rumoured to be an AI creation, but was actually Frewer in heavy prosthetics, performing in front of a green screen to give the illusion of CGI ... .

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Trailer Reveals Hulk Training, Surprise Cameos

The Escapist 24 Jul 2022
Reaction to the initial trailer and its heavy reliance on CGI She-Hulk and regular Hulk was a mixed bag, but the second, official�She-Hulk trailer basically confirms that the CGI does look weird ... Honestly, the CGI looks pretty good whenever it is all CGI people, but it does still ...

Thirteen Lives: Thai cave rescue actor Tom Bateman relieves diving fears

BBC News 23 Jul 2022
The actors had to replicate the conditions endured by the real-life divers ... The boys were heavily sedated for the rescue ... Production designer Molly Hughes had slits built into the rock for the cameras, which were later disguised using computer-generated imagery (CGI). "CGI could not really do much heavy lifting for us," Howard recalls ... .

Say yes to 'Nope,' Jordan Peele's alien-invasion western

The Philadelphia Tribune 22 Jul 2022
Whether we’re watching some heavy CGI in the sky or flashback scenes featuring a rampaging primate (played by Terry Notary in an impressive motion-capture performance) or simply Kaluuya on horseback — a new kind of western hero in an orange hoodie — Peele tells his story visually, not verbally ... It’s quintessential Peele ... The Washington Post ....

An Extremely Detailed Breakdown of the Rings of Power Trailer

Time 15 Jul 2022
There were some concerns when the Super Bowl trailer premiered that Rings of Power would be CGI-heavy and lack the practical effects of Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films ... Jackson relied heavily on distracting CGI for his prequel Hobbit films, especially when it came to the ...

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Review: Disney+ Series Falls Apart Prior to Finale

Coming Soon 09 Jul 2022
After the fourth episode of Ms ... This kicks off an episode that features an essential representation of a real-world event but sends this Marvel miniseries down a path that loses its way. RELATED ... This may be due to how the tragic real-life event of Partition is juxtaposed with sequences and superpowers so heavy in CGI that everything feels artificial.

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