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Best Superhero Comedy Movies of the 21st Century

Collider 09 Apr 2021
The first official entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe felt new and different for many reasons, but chief among them was the loose, improvisational feel for any scene that didn't require heavy-duty CGI (and even a few of them that did).

Godzilla vs. Kong offers monstrous destruction but little humanity

Culture Map 05 Apr 2021
The return of the Godzilla franchise from American filmmakers has been a mixed bag so far ... Kong ... The film is obviously CGI-heavy, but the filmmakers seem to have gone a hybrid route in how it’s employed ... Given that they’re being ruined by the CGI monsters, it’s surely just smoke and mirrors, but it’s a fun concept nonetheless ... Godzilla vs ... --- ... ....

Why Godzilla vs. Kong Is Good If You Only Watch Godzilla and Kong's Faces

Collider 03 Apr 2021
The two-sided debate over Godzilla vs. Kong—over any CGI-heavy blockbuster spectacle, really—is whether A) the flesh-and-bone human characters matter, and B) they even need to matter? In the case of Godzilla vs. Kong, "A" is easy, because the human characters absolutely 100% do not matter, try as this extraordinarily talented cast might ... RELATED.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Marvel’s shows prove superhero stories need to embrace their length

Games Radar 01 Apr 2021
Side characters have become something more and big talking points can actually be – shock, horror – talked about, rather than the story rushing to the next CGI-heavy set piece. .

Zack Snyder's Justice League: 10 Important Differences Compared To The Original Movie

Game Rant 31 Mar 2021
The verdict is out,�Zack Snyder's Justice League�is considerably better than the 2017 original ... RELATED.�Lego Batman. 5 Things The Games Got Right (& 5 That Aren't Great) ... There's more blood used on set whether CGI or props, especially in the final battle against Steppenwolf. RELATED.�10 Story-Heavy Games To Play If You Love The Batman Arkham Series.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Star Julian Dennison Says Film’s Early CGI Creatures Looked Like ‘Lego Monsters’

The Wrap 30 Mar 2021
Kong,” but he still hasn’t quite gotten used to the surreal experience of acting in something so heavy with CGI ... It turned out really great, the CGI is amazing.” ... “I remember them showing us photos of really rough CGI on set, and it was basically giant Lego monsters chasing after us,” he joked. Also Read ... Warner Bros.

Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai Actor Willing to Reprise Role in Movie

Game Rant 30 Mar 2021
Ghost of Tsushima�fans were thrilled to find out that the game was being adapted into a live action movie ... There are also very few instances of monstrous creatures or anything that would require heavy CGI, meaning its odds look quite good from the outset ... RELATED.�Ghost of Tsushima Breaks New Sales Milestone ... Ghost of Tsushima�is available now on PS4.

The 20 greatest smackdown movies – ranked!

The Observer 25 Mar 2021
Aside from its instantly offputting title, Ballistic. Ecks vs Sever enjoys the rare distinction of having a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes ... Read more ... It still mashes all the fight scenes into an incomprehensible CGI soup. The word “Martha” still does a preposterous amount of heavy lifting ... And, unlike modern CGI sludgefests, it is beautiful to look at ... .

Why art and storytelling owe a great debt to Greek mythology 

Arab News 24 Mar 2021
LONDON ... This inspiration goes much further than just direct adaptations of ancient Greek stories – though there are still plenty of those, from classic adventure films such as “Jason and the Argonauts” to Disney’s adaptation of “Hercules” and modern, CGI-heavy remakes such as “Clash of the Titans.” ... (AFP/File Photo) ... (AFP/File Photo) ... ....

The Falcon And the Winter Soldier: Episode 1 Review | Game Rant

Game Rant 19 Mar 2021
Despite the typical CGI-heavy moments, the sequence feels more grounded than what is usually seen in these movies and�similar to the style of the Captain America movies ... It is reminiscent of the opening action scene in Captain America ... This episode has a lot of heavy lifting to do in terms of establishing this new world in the aftermath of Avengers.

Critics can't agree whether 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' is the worst or a knockout

Finger Lakes Times 16 Mar 2021
The wait is almost over. "Zack Snyder's Justice League" will officially be released into the world Thursday ... The film was critically panned and did not wow at the box office ... and HBO Max relented ... Superman. Dawn of Justice" (2016), and is packed with CGI-heavy, slow-motion-laden action sequences ... "For better ... "For worse ... .

Critics can’t agree whether ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ is the worst or a knockout

The Los Angeles Times 15 Mar 2021
The wait is almost over. “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” will officially be released into the world Thursday ... The film was critically panned and did not wow at the box office ... and HBO Max relented ... Advertisement. Movies. Review ... Movies. Review ... Superman. Dawn of Justice” (2016), and is packed with CGI-heavy, slow-motion-laden action sequences ... Advertisement.

Zack Snyder's Justice League First Reviews: The Bigger, Better, Clearer Version We Should Have Gotten

Rotten Tomatoes 15 Mar 2021
You asked for it, and now it’s here ... – Britany Murphy, Geeks of Color ... Now he’s less ‘standard CGI villain’ and more of a depressing dope who just wants to impress Darkseid ... While there were some nicks and scratches in the heavy CGI moments, given that the team only had seven months to create 3,000 shots during a pandemic, this can be forgiven ... .

Photographer Shoots ‘Dance’ Photos of Fabrics in Motion

PetaPixel 11 Mar 2021
London-based photographer Neal Grundy’s latest project looks like dance photography, except the images don’t contain any people. Instead, each one shows the graceful, flowing forms of fabrics in motion. The project is titled Dancing Fabrics ... No CGI or heavy retouching was involved.” ... Image credits ... .

Mission: Impossible 7’s Director Gives Update On Trailer For Tom Cruise’s Movie

Cinema Blend 10 Mar 2021
Movie fans have been starving for our big budget tentpole product for a year. Nearly every release that has been expected to do well at the box office has seen delays ... This probably explains why we're all still waiting for the first trailer for Mission ... If this was a more CGI heavy franchise, it seems unlikely it would be able to open this November ... .